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Valley West School will be closed until May 4th per the order of Governor Baker.


We will communicate any updates through our automated call system and on this announcement page. 


Hello Valley West Families,

Over the past week, our teachers and staff members have been working very hard to be able to implement new remote learning opportunities.  By now, all of you should have been contacted by your teachers with information about how you can begin to access the learning materials.  Teachers have created schedules, set up online accounts, and are finding many creative ways to interact with students.  

There have been many virtual meetings happening with classes, google classrooms have been set up and are becoming more and more interactive, clinicians have started regular sessions with students, and students have been reaching out to us for support.  Although this is all new for us, we feel that there has been a fantastic amount of growth already! 


We are so proud of all of your efforts and encourage you to keep moving forward. 

We continue to post videos on our YouTube channel to keep connections with all of the staff and hope you are enjoying everything we are doing to keep you engaged and entertained!  

Take care of yourselves and be well.

Please see:

VWS Expectations of Students and Families for Appropriate Virtual Technology Use

under the Parents Tab.  Thank you.

Valley West YouTube Videos

Check this out for some videos of our staff members in action!  Check back regularly as we begin to update this page.

Email us your suggestions for more videos...we know how much you will miss your teachers and our staff every day!!





In the event of school cancellation, delay, or early dismissal, Valley West School will submit notice to the following stations:

WWLP– Channel 22 television          WGGB– Channel 40 television


  • Any student who has had school cancelled in his/her town will not be required to attend Valley West School for that day.

  • When your town does not have school due to inclement weather, the buses aren’t running.

  • If you drop your child off at Valley West, you will also be responsible for picking him/her up.

  • In the event of a one-hour delay , students should arrive to school no earlier than 8:45 A.M.In the event of a two-hour delay, students should arrive to school no earlier than 9:45 A.M.

  • PLEASE listen to the news in the morning on days of inclement weather before dropping-off your child.

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