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"Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way." -George Evans

Valley West School is a Chapter 766 state approved private day school designed to serve 1st-12th grade students who are experiencing social/emotional challenges and whose programming within a public school setting has been unsuccessful. We are committed to providing a safe, secure environment within which a student can reach his/her academic potential.




Valley West believes that every child is entitled to appropriate educational opportunities that foster intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. Every student entering Valley West School will have an educational plan in place that addresses behavioral, emotional, and academic needs. Our concerns are primarily directed towards improving the overall academic and behavioral functioning of each student.





We are dedicated to enhancing each student's self-esteem, creating a positive attitude towards school. We also focus on developing long-range goals committed to the development of skills that will enable our students to become successful participants in society.



Primary emphasis is placed on affective issues that impede a student’s ability to be successful. To effectively address the diverse needs of our student population, Valley West School utilizes various levels and types of programming. We recognize that the school community must foster a supportive environment which encourages effort, responsibility, individuality, problem-solving and social skills that will enable the individual to continue learning independently long after classroom instruction has ended.




A low student to staff ratio of approximately 3:1, permits personalized attention and allows for the development and implementation of an individualized educational program to help pupils meet their affective and cognitive needs. The staff at Valley West is invested in developing a strong rapport as a basis for individual student progress. Our teaching and educational support staff include teachers with special education certification, regular certification and special subject certification. The clinical staff consists of a clinical director, masters level clinicians, and behavioral counselors.




Curriculum at Valley West School is aligned with the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards, which describe reasonable expectations for learning in terms of core knowledge in Mathematics and English Language Arts and Literacy.


Instruction is provided at a pupil’s instructional level with emphasis on disciplinary content and skills in accordance with the learning standards set forth in the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards.





Clinical services provide diagnostic evaluations, individual, group and family therapy, mediations for students in conflict, and facilitate working with teen and pre-teen groups on social issues that impact upon their lives. The treatment philosophy of the Clinical Department is to provide the most appropriate level of intervention that will ensure that the clinical needs of the child are being met. Family involvement in treatment planning and treatment review helps to establish carry-over and consistency in the care and treatment of the child. We work closely with community providers and clinicians who may already be involved with our students. We strive to provide a positive and nurturing clinical environment which enhances clinical work being done at home and with community therapists. 

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