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  • Valley West School continues to follow the Commonwealth's guidelines for COVID-19.

  • Staff and students should self-screen  for COVID-19 daily and follow guidelines if they are symptomatic or positive. Notify school nurse of symptoms or test results.

  • If exposed to a COVID-19 positive person, quarantine is no longer required nor recommended for children or staff in K-12 setting, regardless of vaccination status or where the exposure occurred.  All exposed individuals may continue to attend school as long as they remain asymptomatic.

  • May attend school if symptomatic with negative test and mild symptoms.

  • May not attend school if symptomatic with positive test

  • If positive:

    •  Isolate for 5 days (Day 0 is date of symptom onset/positive test).

    •  Return on the 6th day if symptoms are resolving & they are fever free without the use of fever reducing medication for 24 hours.

    •  Mask for an additional 5 days upon return UNLESS there is a negative test on Day 5 or later.  Test is not required for return.


We support those who wish to mask in the school.

See the link below for more detailed information:

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